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Danville Counseling Center is dedicated to serving the emotional and mental health needs in our community. Our office is located in downtown Danville and houses sixteen qualified mental health professionals. Our staff specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, addiction, and helping you recover from traumatic experiences through the use of progressive treatments including EMDR, ART, and TF-CBT. At Danville Counseling we believe in treating the whole person by coming to understand the stressors that are taking place and helping you build resiliency and coping skills to improve overall wellness.

Our staff uses the most progressive evidence-based practices to help overcome negative beliefs about ourselves that create strong feelings of anxiety and depression. All our staff are highly trained and many hold certifications in their areas of specialty.

Danville Counseling Center offers unique options of Christian-centered counseling, couples counseling, and traditional outpatient counseling. Our office includes Jessica Wigginton LCSW, Talitha Fowlkes LCSW, Rebecca Baugh LPCC, Pamela Smith LCSW, Timothy Hurtak LCSW, Sharon Todd LPCC, Sonya Kirkpatrick LCSW, and Amy Carpenter LCSW, Teresa Salyers LCSW, Jeremy Owens CSW, Karen Machal LPCC, Jenna Leathers CSW, Sam Wilson LPCA, LaDeanna King CSW, Ellen MacDonald LPCA, Lara Heck TCM, and Heather Cocanaugher BSW case management.

Take the first step to help. Call or Email Danville Counseling Center now at (859) 374-0238 or  Wigginton@DanvilleCounselingKY.org